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A/B tests, multi-landing pages, lead tracking, call-tracking, traffic analysis. Bring your advertising to the next level of profitability.
Monitor ad conversions
Track inbound leads and calls
Integrated with amoCRM, Yandex Direct

Relevanter is ...

Relevanter is a multi-tool service which helps you increase website conversion, create multi-landing pages, conduct AB tests of value proposition and other elements, track calls with records from paid traffic, analyze advertising.

New features and enhancements are added on a monthly basis.
dynamic content by UTM
multiple landing pages
call recording
AB testing
amoCRM integration
ads channels integration
traffic data analysis


You can choose only multi-landing functionality or call-tracking. The cost of call-tracking depends on the number, day visits and rental phone numbers.
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Стоимость функционала сервиса

3 500 ₽

AB testing
Dynamic content by UTM
Lead tracking data
Traffic data based on period
Мини CRM, воронки продаж
Yandex Metrika integration
Yandex Direct integration
Yandex Direct integration
Комплексная аналитика заявок и звонков, расчёт стоимости CPL

от 6 500 ₽

Dynamic phone numbers by UTM
Аналитика заявок и звонков
Запись и прослушивание звонков
Up to 1 000 minutes, 500 day visits
Yandex Direct integration
Yandex Direct integration
Frequently asked questions
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How to connect service form my web-site?
The service is connected by our support team to your site. After that you can work with service in your personal account.
How to pay?
Payment is made under the contract - we issue an invoice. At the end of the reporting period you can get a closing documents if necessary.
May I just try it for free?
Yes, we provide 7 days free access to the service. Contact us and get more information.
What is the advantage of your solution?
We provide a set of tools aimed at increasing website conversion and profitability of advertising traffic based on our 10 years of experience in lead generation.

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